29 September, 2010

Guruji's Darshan

So on Sunday, I planned my trip to Ashram with my son (His Birthday was on Monday and he could be free to accompany me only on Sunday). I enquired what time was the Satsang. We were told that on Sunday, it was 4.30- 6 PM. Till 3 PM we were enjoying our lunch in a lovely restaurant and as soon as we got to know of the time, we decided to immediately rush for the Satsang. Ashram is about an hour drive from the main city. Now Guruji was in Goa and was supposed to come the same evening by evening flight which landed at 6 PM. So, I knew, by the time, he would reach Ashram, it would be 9 PM or so. In my heart, I was thinking, "Oh I would miss Guruji's Darshan. I wish, I could see him. But does not matter, I should go for Satsang etc." We reached Ashram on time. There was of course no trace of Guruji. But, the place, as always had a festive atmosphere. There were so many saints from all over India. I saw muslim mullas, doing their Namaaz, right in front of Vishalakshi Mantap. I saw Sikh Gurus, Asaramji was there. Everyone praying together. Such spirit can co exist only in Art Of Living Ashram.

So I sat looking at the empty seat of Guruji and still thought, oh how I wish, I could see Guruji. And trust me, Guruji's Grace is such that you just have to connect to HIM and he grants wishes and gives you on the platter. And there I saw him getting out of his car, right before the Satsang began at 4.30. I had uncontrollable tears of joy seeing HIM. Everyone around was elated.

Guruji most humbly greeted all the saints before HE sat. Then, He spoke about Jain culture, about forgiving and forgiveness. How we were supposed to ask for forgiveness and forgive also. There were so many Jain Gurus too who had come to meet Guruji.

In the end, he asked, whose Birthday it was. My son's Birthday was next day on Monday. But I asked him to stand. He was blessed by Guruji and the whole crowd there wished him and they sang for him. Guruji just gives. Gives so much that one is so filled and complete. He asks for nothing but Love.

Below are few pictures of our trip. The Satsang was held in Yagyashala.

All over Bangalore, there were these hoardings- Join over 500 religious Leaders in the United Campaign against HIV and AIDS

As soon as I saw Guruji, coming and sitting, I had tears of joy. I could not believe it, how he answers even a smallest wish.

After the Satsang, me and my son were soaking in the beauty of this most magnificent place- Vishalkshi Mantap. It looked like complete heaven.

Now I was greedy. Dil Maange more. What to do, Guruji's Darshan is never enough. So I decided that, next morning, which was Monday, I was coming to the Ashram again. Guruji does Rudra Puja on Monday and it is very powerful Puja to attend. It is a true blessing to do this Puja. The Puja was to start at 7 AM. This meant that I had to start as early as 5 AM to be there on time. But how could I ever miss it. It also happened to be my son's Birthday. So there I was all fresh and happy. Attended Rudra Puja. There were more than 500 priests which performed it together, chanting mantras in harmony. Just could not take my eyes off my Dear Guruji throughout and I had a big smile.

                                              And the morning view of Vishalakshi Mantap

And finally me. All happy after Rudra Puja.

And so strange, after this I got the following message

Dear ones,
In the view of Art of Living national teacher's refresher meet (TRM) at Bangalore ashram ONLY on September 29, 30 & October1st,] Ashram will be closed for general visitors.

Housing & Satsang will be restricted ONLY for the course participants & TRM participants.

Request, you to kindly spread the message in your followups, satsangs & information centres.

So I was meant to have Guruji's Darshan. And what splendid one at that. Truly Blessed.


  1. JGD Kiran : what a lovely post and sharing ! Your connectedness with Guruji is so evident from this post ! You'll make a really great teacher. Many are waiting to learn from you.

  2. JGD. Thank you so much. I am absolutely yearning to be AOL teacher soon. Whenever Guruji wants, it will happen.

  3. @Kiran : wrt. your latest post on dispassion ;-), keep working in that direction. When I told the same thing to my teacher many years ago, she said "You be ready" i.e. she meant finish all the course/knowledge/seva requirements and apply for TTC. Then leave it to Guruji.

    I didn't listen to her then - don't make the same mistake ;-)