29 September, 2010

Wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Inner joy and true happiness alone can stop the feverishness in society that arises through desires

The most fortunate event that can take place in our lives is when we feel, I do not want anything, and I am here for you. I have been bestowed with the good fortune of feeling this way right from the beginning. My wish is to see more and more people being able to think in this manner. Imagine how society would be if each member of the society thinks the same way! This feeling, this virtue is already there in everyone, but it is just hidden somewhere deep inside.

When the leader of a country feels in this manner, only then will the country progress; and when he is focused on the development of the country and its people, it is impossible that the needs of the leader are not fulfilled. But if we focus only on our needs, then we dont give ourselves and our abilities a chance to blossom. We must always believe that our needs will be fulfilled.  

This does not mean that when you have some needs, you suppress them saying, “I do not want anything”. This is a feeling that arises from a state of contentment or fulfillment, and not by neglecting or suppressing your needs, and fulfillment comes from spiritual knowledge. When you pay attention and focus on the highest knowledge, then your needs are fulfilled even before time.

Inner joy and true happiness alone can stop the feverishness in society that arises through desires. This kind of inner joy and happiness can only be achieved through knowledge. It is a matter of joy that The Art of Living is bringing together the various communities of the world. The core of every religion and culture is love, and The Art of Living is also based on the same principle of LOVE, I do not want anything and I am here for you”. More and more people around the world should be able to develop the ability to say this.

If everyone starts to think like this, this world will become heaven. If everyone only thinks of taking something from someone, then we will continue to see the current world situation.

We are developing the world to make it a heaven, and it feels very good to see it happening. So every day we move forward with this belief that I am yours. Love, action, fun and celebration are all present in this knowledge. All of this comes from the knowledge.

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