20 October, 2010

Another favorite blog of mine

I do not read 100's of blogs in a day. Not even 50. Well to be very precise, I might be regular to less than 10 blogs. It is a huge time investment. I surf around and stick to few of my favorites. I have already written a post about my top favorite blog.

Now here is another one that I REALLY enjoy reading. It is Leia's delights. Leia is South Asian, 

born in London and grew up in Bangladesh. It is actually a delight to read her blog. She writes about her daily fashion, 

her nail art, 

flower arrangements (that she does herself), 

hair tips,

her baking (the pictures of which are so perfect that they always tempt me to eat them. But knowing their calorie content, I refrain and just satiate my appetite visually).

She seems to be a very well brought up girl and the credit for that, of course, goes to her mom. Her mom gives her great fashion tips. Her mom has been doing her own nail art for 35 years. Wow!! You can tell, her mom is a woman of refined tastes by seeing the pictures of her home, which has been done so well. 

Leia has studied International Relations and plays the piano. Isn't all this incredible? I like such girls who are so multi-talented, intelligent, have depth and are not shallow. We all love fashion. I do too. But there has to be more to it. And that is why I love her blog.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you!! I am so flattered and honored that you featured me!

  2. Absolutely one of my favourites too hon!

  3. She is an absolute sweetheart! :)

  4. So beautiful the well painted nails, I appreciate you more for writing about your fav. blogs. Very few people appreciate others.