20 October, 2010

Divine music happens when all the seven layers of existence are tuned

After tuning the seven strings of Veena, Sri Sri said, “ This is what needs to be done before playing an instrument – tuning the instrument, and that is what we have been doing here – tuning the seven layers of existence to connect to the cosmic energy. Body, Mind, Breath, Intellect, Memory, ego and Self - When the seven strings are tuned, music happens.
Every creature on this planet brings down a particular electromagnetic wave on the Earth. And even if one creature goes missing, the Earth would not be able to sustain itself. There is pig, snake, mouse, lion, cat, fish and so many others, and all play an important role in maintaining the balance on the planet. That is what scientists say today.
According to the laws of nature, everything radiates energy. In Indian mythology, every god or goddess is associated with a vehicle in the form of animal or bird. The outlook behind this is that that particular animal or bird brings down the associated vibration on the Earth. For example, through the means of tiger, the vibrations of mother Divine or Goddess Durga descends to the Earth. Crows carry the vibration of God Saturn( God Shani), bull descends the vibrations of Lord Shiva, and Mouse that of Lord Ganesha. The Nature has created these animals according to its own rules. Wherever these animals may be, the corresponding vibrations are available to us through those. And this is the logic behind various native cultures worshiping different animals and birds, connecting divinity with everything. Of course, we can’t specifically say which animal brings down which vibes, because a lot of research needs to be done on this.
These are all so important things and we hold on to all unnecessary superstitions and forget the basic essence. The superstitions and distorted knowledge is forwarded, but the main essence is not sent to the next generation. We cannot understand the full essence totally but, when we have some experience then a little understanding follows. The knowledge is infinite and we cannot totally understand it but a little thirst for knowledge should be there.
We should not be totally one sided – neither condemn the rituals nor get too much stuck with them. It is so beautifully said in the knowledge of Bhagwat Gita, “न कर्मणामनारम्भान्नैष्कर्म्यं पुरुषो अश्नुते। न च सन्न्यसनादेव सिद्धिं समधिगच्छति ॥”. The middle path is the Golden key!
Neither with action, nor with money and not even with prosperity, but by getting established in one’s inner self, one can connect to the infinity. Devotion is the primary requirement, and what to do to have devotion? Yoga, Meditation, Mantra chanting and Music. God is delighted by your devotion!
There are two kinds of karma:
Nitya karma – things that you do every day, such as kriya, introspecting on one’s origin, feeding birds and animals, preserving plants and spending sometime in contemplating on knowledge.
Anitya karma – things that you do once in a while. When you participate in the homas during Navratri, it takes care of your Anitya karma

SUTRA: "See, Life is not a struggle, Life is not boredom, life is not a weight on your head, it is celebration, and it is a play." - Sri Sri...

Jai Gurudev!

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