25 October, 2010

Dancing makes me happy

Yes, that is true. Dancing does make me happy. So here is my fashion post- Self clicked. Still long way to go to learn the nuances. But I am trying.

Dress: Oh yes it is a dress. Not a skirt and top: BeBe.
Shoes: Ballerina shoes.


  1. In all honesty I love to dance but don't know how. I took some lessons too but I am still very bad. But I still dance at parties...with lights off...no one can see..hahaha

  2. Pretty dress Kiran. I appreciate you. remember dancing when I was in school.that is all:(

  3. I think you did a really great job with the self taken pictures! Motion shots are always hard and often come out blurry for me, I don't know how Queen Dusk manages them so beautifully! I love the dress you're wearing (I also thought it was a skirt and a top) - it's very figure flattering and I must say your figure looks gorgeous here. I am dying to take some dance lessons - maybe I'll start when I move to Delhi :)


  4. Di, nice dress,,,and I did think it's a skirt. WHere from?
    And howz it a dress because u also mention "top from Bebe"??

  5. I was looking for your cruise pictures and ended up here. Beautiful pictures. If you wish you could write a guest post about your cruise experience and back link to your blog.