25 October, 2010

Road in the name of Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji

SUTRA: "Faith is your wealth. Faith gives you instant strength. Faith makes you centred, brings you stability, calmness & love." - Sri Sri...

You Are Invited For "DIVINE DARSHAN" of Spiritual Leader SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR JI (Founder,The Art Of Living Organisation) On the Occasion of Inauguration of the Divine Road "SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR MARG" which stretches from Guru Ravidass Chowk TO BSNL Office (Model Town), Jalandhar, India. (Yes that is my home town). 

SUTRA: “Perfect persons never happen, they don't exist. We can make an imperfect person perfect by loving him.” - Sri Sri..
The Art of Living Part-1 Course.
Enjoyed by millions of people around the world, this course empowers you to
unlock your deepest potential and bring in an element of fullness to life.

The cornerstone of the course is a unique, powerful breathing technique called the
Sudarshan Kriya® which releases stress and brings your mind into the present

Workshop Timings

23rd-26th November

27th-28th November
10:00 a.m.-4:00 pm

Date: 23-28 October 2010
Venue: B-9/13 Vasant Vihar

Please Contact:
( For more information and pre-registration)

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