21 October, 2010

Exercise bike fitness for weight loss and attractive body

Doing exercise and staying fit in shape is an important thing these days. People now understand the importance of staying fit. After all health is wealth. To gain that wealth one has to put in efforts. Lack of any kind of exercise may harm your body. To avoid any harm, regular physical activity is necessary. Generally people tend to join a gym or they end up buying personal gym equipments. This will certainly help if and only if you go to the gym regularly or do workouts on those expensive equipments on a regular basis. If you are planning to buy an exercise bike, you get two things at the price of one. One is weight loss and another is getting your body in shape.
Though you can meet people, socialize with them and get motivated from observing them exercise in the gym, there are many benefits of buying your own exercise bike. There are many other types of equipments available in the market; however exercise bike gives better results.
• Buying your own exercise bike is more expedient than joining a gym. If you have an exercise bike at your house then you do not have to travel till the gym. You can exercise at your convenient time and do not have to abide by the gym timings.
• Exercise bike is very useful for keeping fit and building muscles at the same time as regular exercise bike workouts shape your lower abdominal muscles. People suffering from any kind of joint pain can use exercise bike too. It helps in losing weight to avoid more pressure on joints. In this case, people are advised to use this bike at the speed they are comfortable at.
• Exercise bike is a multi purpose exercise gear. It is useful for cardio vascular exercise, muscle building, heart strength and weight loss. The exercise bike plays an important role in your complete fitness regime.
Though working out on an exercise bike is sufficient, it can be monotonous. Combine it with other exercise so that you will not get bored. Repetitiveness may obstruct your exercise sooner or later. If you keep paddling at steady speed you may lose interest. You can make it fascinating instead. Start at a slow pace and continue it for four to five minutes. This will warm up your body. Now increase the speed a little for next two/three minutes. Increase paddling rate and push faster for one minute. Keep changing your speed between moderate and fast for three minutes and one minute respectively. Do not stop abruptly after fast speed. Paddle at moderate speed for two minutes followed by three minutes of slow paddling. This will make your exercise fun without being dull and monotonous.
If you are interested in muscle building, then you will have to combine your exercise bike workout with weight lifting exercise. Ask your trainer before starting any exercise. Maintain proper diet along with the exercise routine. Exercise and stay fit.


  1. I prefer going to gym with buddies. No motivation to exercise at home....but that is my preference.

  2. Thank you. Useful information for me.