21 October, 2010

What are some good forms of exercise to lose weight?

What I do for myself or with my clients is-
  • Walking/Running/Jogging
  • Biking- Indoor and outdoor.
  • Dancing- My personal top favorite, for myself specially. I can dance easily without any break for 5-6 hours. And that will be fun not a chore.
  • Swimming/aqua aerobics. I do not have a pool. So can be done only for people with private pool facilities.
  • Lifting Weights- Barbells, Dumb bells, Tubing, Medicine ball, Fitness stick, Tubing, Thera Band, isotoners/magic ring . In 15 days, I will also introduce Kettlebells.
  • Jumprope
  • Ramp, Swiss Ball, Bosu, Rebounder/ Trampoline
  • Pilates/Yoga- Yoga again is my favorite for myself.
  •  Aerobics/Step Aerobics/ Kickboxing
  • Boot Camp/ Circuit Training/ Interval Training.
  • Physique 57 workout
  • And yes, for myself, at home, I walk only in tone walkers . I had done a feature on it here. or Kangoo jump boots. That helps me big time. Here is a picture of it. And yes a big Thank You to the angel who gifted it to me. 
  • And for myself I do my Sudershan Kriya and Padmasadhana (Sri Sri Yoga).
What do you do? Play a sport like tennis, squash. Go horse riding. Play Golf. Do household work. Climb stairs. Go for spinning, or martial arts. Which is your favorite form of fitness? Have you heard of some really new/hot form/ equipment in fitness? Share your ideas.


  1. Does walking really help in losing weight? Heartbeat does not go high enough to kill the fat.....but I may be wrong...Would really like you to clarify?

  2. hey Kiran do you use reebok tone walkers or some other company I have been planning to get a pair of these but confused so as to which one to choose,
    the pic is very nice

  3. Thank you for all these tips! To answer your question, my favorite forms of fitness are bellydance and yoga - I find them really fun but unfortunately with both things it takes a long time for me to see results. So, right now I am:
    - running (building up my stamina so mixing between running and walking)
    - walking (on incline)
    - lifting weights
    - a few yoga/Pilates moves (like plank and a few other stretches)

    ... and eating lemon cake. :P


  4. Sorry I've been a bit absent Kiran... I see you've changed your picture... very exciting!

    I feel a bit tired after reading your post. I used to do a bit of yoga, swimming and a few other classes, and at other times I had a bike I rode everwhere. But these days I just walk everywhere. I can't really afford to join the gym at the moment, unfortunately. Plus, I'm a bit lazy!