25 October, 2010

Guruji in Beijing

Art Of Living Centre China

This is the first Art Of Living Centre in China. Guruji is going to inaugurate it.

Sri Sri addressing a gathering in China.

Sri Sri with dignitaries and China's disabled people's performing art troupe.

On arrival in Beijing

Today afternoon witnessed the first of its kind Art of Living Health and
Happiness yoga camp at the new Beijing Art of Living ashram, conducted
by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Wu Jian Wei, a businessman who participated said, “It was a wonderful workshop. I have done The Art of Living course earlier too. After doing it, there is harmony in the family. Chinese and Indian spirituality are like twin brothers from the same origin.” 

Yesterday Sri Sri officially opened the first Art of Living ashram in Beijing, China. The opening was a huge success, and the function was attended among others by representatives of Chinese Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, a government backed body, which had invited Sri Sri. "India and China shared a long history of wisdom," Sri Sri said, adding that the Chinese martial art forms like Kung Fu and Tai Chi have become famous all over the world. "Similarly, India's age old practices of yoga and meditation have become relevant all over the world to distress people, bringing peace and happiness.

During his two-day China tour, Sri Sri will also be the Chief Guest at a program titled ‘Conversations of the Masters’. The program will be an interactive session between Sri Sri and other prominent religious leaders such as Mr. Chang Da Lin, Executive director of the Buddhist Association of China and President of the World Buddhist Peace Foundation, Pundit Ren Fa Rong, President of the China Taoist Association and member of National CPPCC standing committee, Mr. Cui Zhong San, Vice President of China Tai Chi Chuan Association and Professor Lei Yuan, Director of Cultural Institute of Historical Resources in Beijing University.
On October 26, Sri Sri will also address the management students on ‘How to be successful in various aspects of life’ at the Tsing Hua University in Beijing.

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  1. If I go to be Beijing next time, I will ask for the exact address and try to go there. I have been to Beijing four times.