25 October, 2010

Traditional Saree

Everyone here, on this blog, knows about my love for Traditional sarees. More than shoe fetish, I have Traditional Saree fetish. That is why, when I spotted this picture of Aishwarya Rai on highheelconfidential (This is another blog that I check on every day basis), I had to share it.

"It was a kanjeevaram sari for Aishwarya Rai who attended the 57th National Film Awards in Delhi where hubby Abhishek and father-in-law Amitabh were honored. We don’t have to state the obvious. Yay! for going for a traditional woven one.

II think, it takes a woman of substance to make an appearance in a traditional saree instead of designer bling bling saree. Such traditional sarees, when draped, have a old world charm about them and speak volume about our rich cultural traditions. Whereas the bling bling embroidered sarees, are such a fad. You wear them once and you do not feel like wearing/looking at them ever again. They have no emotional value. You do not feel like passing those to your daughter or daughter in law, as something rich. And most of all, you appear in them like a butterfly flapping its wings in the crowd. 

Ah! and I just spotted Konkana wearing the same saree as my header image or like the picture below. Wouldn't you agree?

And yes I saw Konkana Sen appear in Kofee with Karan in this traditional Saree. I loved it. This is something that is my style. My colors. So again, I had to put it on my blog here.


  1. Love Kanchipuram saris.who wouldn't? going to drape one as I have to attend a wedding soon.

  2. No ideas about saress but both sarees look same (Konkana and yours)

  3. I love traditional sarees and going to wear one today for karwa chauth, I think they are much more classier,
    I have a similar saree as aish in green color.

  4. I use to love fancy sarees a lot, but I learn to realise that the traditional ones gives u the emotional factor like what u said thru ur blog story..im totally in love with Kerala sarees now and going to look out for some when I travel to T Nagar end this year :)

    I love ur blog, by the ways :)!