22 October, 2010

Wannabe slangs

How comfortable/uncomfortable are you with slangs? Which are the ones, you use, most commonly and which are the ones that you find very disgusting?

Well, the one that I certainly do not like/appreciate is the usage of "mah" or "ma" instead of "my". Even on on professional resume, I saw someone writing "I run mah own..."

What's wrong people? Am I too old fashioned or is this generation very dumb?

Such people who think, they look/sound COOL, to me they appear to be a FOOL.

OK on a very humorous note. Here is a real life incidence of my Guruji, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Guruji is very well read and speaks many languages fluently. He has a child like innocence and it is fun to be with him. Also, even though, he has great command over several languages, he seldom uses/understands slangs.

 Now recently Delhi International Airport had opened its new Terminal- T3. Delhites, being their typical true self, were over critical of it. Now few devotees were sitting and chatting with Guruji, who had just come from T3. So this is how the conversation went.

Devotee-  Guruji aapne T3 dekha (did you see T3)?
Guruji- Haan Haan dekha. (Yes Yes I saw).
Devotee- Guruji aapko kaisa laga (How did you find it)?
Guruji (Never criticizes anything)- Haan acccha laga (Yes, I liked it).
Devotee (who was expecting some negative comment about it)- Guruji aapko "Tacky" nahin laga? (Did you not find it Tacky)?
Guruji- Haan Haan tacky laga ( YesYes I found it tacky).

After a pause- Guruji, very innocently- Tacky matlab (what does tacky mean)?

That is my Guruji- Sweet, innocent, childlike.


  1. How are you.. Long time uhh.. Have a great weekend!

  2. hahahahaha!!! Your Guruji is lovely!

    Ooooh... slang used in formal language is a pet hate of mine. I am very pedantic about this [being an editor and journalist].

    One example...I absolutely loathe "your" being used in place of "you're"... this is so commonplace now, you see this written in articles. I have actually edited this in pieces written by younger journalists with media degrees!!

    Many others including the incorrect and loathesome "yous" as a 'plural' of you. I think this may just be an Australian thing.

    Anyway... have a lovely weekend beautiful Woman. ॐ

  3. I hate slang as well! Another thing I hate is 'd' being used in place of 'the,' it is so annoying!

    Haha, that story about your Guruji is really funny. Tacky matlab? Hahhaaha. :P


  4. I too hate slangs and sri sri is so sweet

  5. I do not like and don't use slangs. I try not to use internet English also. For example I would not write 'u' for 'you'. Let us use proper language please.

  6. I don't understand when youngsters use slangs these days. I feel I am living in an old era. But I cannot change and I am happy about what I am