03 November, 2010

Guruji's Delhi Trip

Yesterday Sri Sri gave a talk at PETROTECH 2010, the 9th International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition in Delhi, India. The conference addresses different challenges, such as the influence of the use of these energy sources on the environment.

On Sunday, Sri Sri was a Guest Speaker during a special session at the Pan IIT Conclave 2010 in Delhi, India. Addressing 1000 IITians, Sri Sri said: "IIT stands for Intense Inner Transformation, or Intense India Transformation." He also spoke to them about how to handle the mind and negative emotions.

Yesterday Sri Sri was present during the Annam Brahma event of The Art of Living in Gujarat, India. 1600 volunteers prepared 5600 different vegetarian Indian food items in 280 kitchens. The event is part of a number of events that The Art of Living has organized in the past to foster and promote the cultural heritage of India. Around 100,000 people attended the event. Speaking about vegetarian food, Sri Sri said: "Even if 10 percent of the world's population turned vegetarian, the problem of global warming can be considerably reduced.

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