04 November, 2010

Wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar-Knowledge nugget from Delhi

Delhi, India, Oct. 31:

In life if you want satisfaction, then you need an ice factory in the brain, a sweet factory in the mouth and a compassion factory in the heart.
Whatever demands you have, surrender them to the Divine. As dukh (sadness) means tyag ka bal(strength to surrender) and sukh (happiness) means seva ka bal (strength to serve).
Q: Any amount of positivity I try in life, small failure makes me feel low?Sri Sri: How are you feeling now? Failures come in life - do you do sadhana everyday? Chant Om Namah Shivay for ten minutes everyday. The energy you get from chanting is amazing

In China, there was a popular person who had seven diseases. He started chanting 
Om everyday for two hours and the diseases got cured. Sage Patanjali said this many years ago: if we chant Om every day, it reduces negative energy at home.
​There are many health problems because of the number of chemicals used in food, soap and also radiations. We should keep our food satvic, do chanting and pranayama.

The incidence of cancer is increasing nowadays because we don’t give enough importance to food.
Q: How to do samarpan (surrender) in bhakti (devotion)?
Sri Sri: In the same way how we have sweetness in sugar.
Q: You always say we should be like children. I was careless and fearless as a child. Now as an adult a new fear has come.
Sri Sri: Just relax and keep doing sadhana. Don’t worry.

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