15 November, 2010

My Embroidery

Like I said in my previous post, Embroidery is one of my hobby. I am basically a creative person, who can never ever sit idle. I need to constantly do something. I am happy socializing, shopping, traveling, in my studio with my clients, etc. I cannot sit and do nothing. If I am all by myself, then I would read, blog, do some E training, or else embroider, etc.
To showcase my embroidery skills, let me rewind and take you from where I started. This is one of my first few creations when I was maybe 15-16 year old. This dress was completely hand embroidered by me, made very painstakingly over a period of few months. Hence, I have cherished, preserved and kept it so well till date. To add to its value, I asked my mom to stitch it for me. I did not let her take it to tailor. I made sure, she did it for me. It was an amateur attempt but I cherish it more than any designer piece in my wardrobe. And now this dress also has a vintage value.


  1. beautiful dress with

  2. I think you look better in it now than you did when you were 15-16:)
    BUt was it this short?? Or did u alter it?
    Love it!!
    I remember exactly how painstakingly u embroidered it. And I also remember you always used to design your dresses, get the fabric and get them stitched - explaining all the details and everything. My birthday dresses designed by you and stitched by mom, rocked!! I wish I could find them again - time to pester Mummy:)

  3. Treasure indeed!
    Very cute dress, and it looks good on you! Is there anything you are not good at, Di? :)

    I admire your passion for doing a variety of things, and following things through; very inspirational.

  4. and you still fit into it wow!!! my mom used to stitch my clothes when I was a kid
    And I am going to jalandhar next week is there any must visit place or shopping to be done???

  5. What???????? You embroidered this?? Kiran you are amazing!! What can't you do?? A truly spectacular woman.

    I love this dress and I love it on you... those legs.... kya baat hai!!
    ...love the shoes too!!

    Although I too am like this, always doing something, always active, always creating.... as I get older... I actively seek moments of stillness. I know you do too.