18 January, 2011

Bhagvad Geeta

Everyone must read Bhagvad Geeta everyday ~ Sri Sri...Read in English here link.

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Judjement & Company
Though you have heard "don't judge," judgement comes unavoidably in day-to-day life. By the actions and behaviors of people, you either approve or disapprove. But always remember that everything is changing, and do not hold onto the judgement. Otherwise your judgement gets solidified like a rock. It brings misery for you and for others.

If judgements are lighter like air, like a breeze, they bring in fragrance, then move away. They could bring a foul smell, then move away. They should not stay there forever.

Judgements are so subtle that you are not even aware of their existence. Judging or labeling someone as judgmental is also a judgement. Only in the state of Being when you are full of love and compassion can you ever be free from all judgements.

Yet the world cannot move without judgements. Until you judge something as good or bad, you cannot do any actions. If you see rotten apples in the market, you say, "No good." Good ones you buy. If someone lies to you ten times, you think next time it also could be a lie. A judgment happens automatically.

See the possibility that people and things can change at any time and don't hold onto the judgements.

You need to judge your company. Your company can pull you up or pull you down. The company that drags you towards doubt, dejection, blame, complaints, anger, delusion, and desires is bad company. The company that pulls you up towards joy, enthusiasm, service, love, trust, and Knowledge is good company.

When someone complains, first you listen, then you nod, then you sympathize, then you complain.

Robert says, "Join the party." Denise says, "I confess, you are absolutely right." (Laughter)

Your company can create Hell for you in Heaven -- or Heaven for you in Hell. Judge for yourself . . . !

- Sri Sri

{Daily Sutra} Subject: Karma dissolves
You sowed a coconut tree two years back and it has grown today. Same way, until the impression of your previous done karma is there on your mind, that karma manages to exist. That impression can only be erased through meditation, pranayama and service. All this is there on the mind only. Karma is nothing but an impression on the mind. When you wake up and see that mind is a part of you and it is your mind, but you are not your mind, and you have an untouched existence which is much greater than your mind, then all karma automatically dissolves.

{Knowledge Sheet} Subject: Embodiment of knowledge is Guru

Q: Dear Guruji, Guru Gobind Singh made warriors, each one of which was capable of handling many negative powers. What is your vision for the warriors that you are polishing?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: First, we are to fight against the evil of ignorance. There are so many problems in the society today – corruption, exploitation of environment, starvation, powers opposing spirituality, and anti humanity powers. These all have to be defeated.

Q: Is there anything beyond space?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Beyond space?me!

Q: I am in a dilemma. I used to revere Guru Granth Sahib as my Guru. But after meeting you, I have found the inner joy which I was looking for. Now I am confused whether to have faith in you as a Guru, or in the Granth Sahib?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Where is the dilemma? Guru Granth Sahib is a very sacred scripture. One should definitely respect it. Guru is not a person; Guru is knowledge, whether it is in a scripture, a person, or consciousness. That Guru tattva is to be revered and believed in. Our mind only creates complication, otherwise there is no dilemma. Guru Granth Sahib contains the crux of all scriptures. So, respect the scripture. There is no question of choosing here.

Mother is our first Guru.

School teacher is our second Guru.

Then music teacher is also a Guru.

And one who gives knowledge of the truth is Satguru.

When Guru tattva wakes up in life, it is not partially awakened, it stays completely. So, live naturally. Rejoice and live in love and joy.

Q: How can I get more happiness and joy from everywhere?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: This race of more and more is killing us. More and more and more – How can I get more? Relax my dear. We don’t even have enough time to enjoy what we have. We should think how can I be more useful to the society, how can I serve more? One who is always thinking of getting something is like a beggar. Everything comes to the one who thinks how she/he can contribute more to the society. There won’t be any lack for such a person.

Q: My sister called me in the morning. She was crying because her son is suffering from an incurable disease, and his condition was not well. I could not be physically present there. I closed my eyes and prayed to you. At 4 o’clock in the evening, she called me saying that her son is doing well. All I want to know is how it is possible that I am sitting here and praying from here makes things better there?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: This is a trade secret. It is easy to be popular but it is difficult to be a Guru. A Guru has responsibility along with.
World is a play and display of Prana/Life force

Today we will not talk about stress and stress relief. Neither about relationships but something much deeper!

Remember your age? Whatever it is  25- 30 years!  Where were you before these 25-30 years? Where would you be after 50-60 or say 100 years :) Mumbai existed before you were born, this Ocean existed then too.
Do you remember how you entered your mother’s womb?
Do you remember how you came out in this world?
Until the age of five the child remembers his past birth. The child recognizes colors or says certain things but elders tend to overlook that.
You know, this whole universe is a play of Prana, the life force.  Everything here has some life force. However, the units of Prana differ.

Stone (Pathar) has 1 unit of Prana
Water (Pani) has 2 units of Prana
Fire (Agni) has 3 units of Prana
Air(Hava) has 4 units of Prana
Ether (Akash) has 5 units of Prana
Animals and trees have 6 - 7 units of Prana

Human Being has 8 units of Prana. Hence he is called as ASHTAVASU. But humans are born with a possibility to blossom into a fully blossomed state. Lord Krishna has highest units of Prana – 16.  That is why He is referred to as fully blossomed being

You often see that every GOD/ GODDESS travels on an animal. Goddess Durga riding on a tiger! It seems so imaginative. It doesn’t click to the intellect, but this is so scientific. Each animal brings certain cosmic vibrations on the planet. E.g. Peacock descends to the planet the vibrations of Goddess Saraswati (The Goddess of knowledge), Bull's body radiation brings Shiva Consciousness (The transformational and meditative aspect of nature). Right now all Devtas are here in this consciousness; all different energies are in this consciousness. All the mantras invite these auspicious vibrations.
Do you know the meanings of the months?

January, February….. November, December. You all keep saying the months and you don't know the meaning!

Do you know which languages these months belong to?
Audience: English
Sri Sri : No, they are all derived from SANSKRIT. Sanskrit was the ONLY Original language that was prevalent in the universe in the start.
Feb is referred to as "Fag End"
March means "To Go Ahead". Iraq, Iran, Kurdistan everywhere they celebrate NEW YEAR in the month of March. In some less affected parts of India as well! So December (DASH + AMBAR: 10th sky) makes the 10th sky.
You are older than the names of month. Go deep in meditation to experience all this. Else keep it in back of mind that I am much older than my age. Sometime in life it will come to you.
Do you permit ME to remove the cap now? (GURUJI was wearing a beautiful cap at the start of the talk and lots of people had objected/ requested HIM to keep it on)
(The Satsang ends with a joyful 10 – 15 minutes of meditation vaporizing in few seconds and concluding soothing bhajans)


  1. Right judgment about judgment. I try my best to be non judgmental but it is very difficult.

  2. JGD Kiran ,
    FYI Guruji specifically asks us to read the Gita Press publication (small book with basic english translation with no commentary).

  3. So reflective.. He
    teaches so much without preaching..thanks for posting this!