18 January, 2011

Another fashion post

Past few days, I have been intending to do my fashion posts but somehow could not. Reasons-

1. Laziness
2. In the extreme cold, I have always been bundled up
3. Few occasions, where I really did dress up, were just so elite and full of politicians and page three crowd, that it was not appropriate for me to get myself clicked. So I demurely stood, enjoying the wowww ambience, chit chat, etc etc.
4. Lots of work and Tango practice.

But tonight, I was determined to self click myself before I tucked in cozily after attending another fabulous do.

And yes, this is a picture, just inside my perfectly heated room. For venturing out, I was again bundled up.

Lace Skirt, Chiffon and lace Top, Owl Necklace: Forever 21
Sandals: Burberry
Watch: Chanel


  1. you look verrry good,owl necklace is so cute

  2. I have been missing your fashion posts! I love this outfit, especially the skirt :)


  3. Lovely! Looks really good!
    Have a wonderful day.