18 January, 2011

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Sanchit & Prarabdha Karma

Some karma can be changed and some cannot.

When you prepare halwa, if sugar is less or ghee is less, water more or less, it can all be adjusted, repaired. But once soji is cooked, it cannot be reversed.

If the buttermilk is sour, milk can be added, salt can be added to make it drinkable. But it can never be reversed back to milk.

Prabdha karma cannot be changed. Sanchita karma can be changed by spiritual practices. Satsang burns the seed of all negative karma.

When you praise someone, you take on their good karma. When you blame someone you take on their bad karma.

Know this and surrender both good and bad karma to the Divine and be free.

- Sri Sri

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Guru of Joy!
Guruji studied under Pandit Sudhakar Chaturvedi & by 17, he completed Vedic Literature & also received his degree in modern physics.

Better realize your stupidity...
If you think you are stupid

Then...you know who you are.

And if you know who you are...

You are enlightened!

And if you are enlightened,

Then ...you are certainly not stupid .

If you think you are intelligent,

Then you don’t know who you are.

And if don’t know who you are...

Then you really ARE stupid!

Better realize your stupidity...and Be enlightened!!!!!!...

SUTRA: "With the calmness, talents simply comes, intuition comes, beauty comes, peace comes. Love springs up & then comes Prosperity" ~ Sri Sri...
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