08 February, 2011

My creation with Owl necklace

This dress of mine is vintage. It is about 20 year old. I have revamped it. I keep doing that if I see a very rich fabric or something else interesting. I have worn it with an owl necklace bought from forever 21. This owl necklace is really in trend. Isn't it? Check the pictures below.
I had worn this for a dinner to a friend's place. I laughed so much there that I was really in tears. Typical Rajasthani food was served there- Dal, Batti, Churma, dal Halwa.
 Good food. great friends, great gossip = great evening.
Consciously, I have adopted few basic rules/strategies on my blog. They are:

1. I would always describe an event which has already happened. Not the one which is in the pipeline. That is the best way to avoid any kind of stalker and check all security.
2. The self clicked pictures, even if shot indoor (because I am still shy of trying it outdoor), would not really show complete pictures of my home.

So you get all the info about my past. Nothing about future/upcoming plans.
What do you- some of the bloggers, feel about this? And how do you handle this?


  1. I guess that its a great idea not to discuss about future plan.. The pictures look stunning!

  2. I also follow the same policy and in fact click my pics in the same spot in my house
    love the color of the dress

  3. Well ,past or present ,too much info in the public sites are always inviting trouble,especialy for people in the limelight & page 3 people..As far as this dress its glowing on you !

  4. Looks like you are having fun with the dress! I never say where I am going to be until the event is over, just like you mentioned, but I don't have a problem showing parts of my house, I don't see how that would be a security risk!


  5. That colour suits you very well. The owl necklace, superb!!

  6. That is a gorgeous dress Kiran. And I believe I have the same pendant too. :) So pretty isn't it?

    In terms of sharing future plans I usually do it without any qualms....it never occurred to me why not. Unless I want a certain friend or bf to not know something which I want to surprise them with I usually share things on the blog when I feel like.

    BTW I was looking for the mention of me....but did not know where to look. Could you please give me the link. I would be so grateful. :)


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