10 February, 2011

My Interview

My Interview got published today in India Today. Check the online link here. Also my client's quote is mentioned. She is just not a client, but also a dear friend. More than that, she is the girl, with the most will power, dedication, perseverance and consistency. She is a young girl, brimming with confidence and a very hard working, career oriented, lawyer, who takes her health and fitness seriously. I wish I had half her will power. Following is what our interview says.

A recent study says people think about their bodies every 15 minutes and are unhappy with it. Let's find out why.

A UK-based study has found that an average adult think about his/ her body every 15 minutes - and most feel they need to lose weight even if they like their body. "It's true - many, in fact, think about their body more frequently than every 15 minutes. Most of my clients are concerned about their weight rather than fitness. Many think being thin is being fit. Even women who are just 40 kgs want to shed more weight and go thinner," says Kiran Sawhney, trainer, Fitnesolution.

In the struggle between losing cellulite and gaining self- esteem, some take result-oriented decisions too.

Ananya Datta Majumdar's transition form 76 kgs to 51 kgs in a year was a conscious choice to opt for good health. The lawyer says she loves the idea of having a good body. "I definitely think about my body - but surely not every 15 minutes. The first time someone commented on my weight, I took it as a joke, but the second time it hurt. Now after loosing weight, I feel people take me more seriously," says Majumdar. 


  1. Well done on the interview :)


  2. Yet another reason for your autographs..

  3. It is better than interview...India Today quotes you...only experts in the area are quoted.