15 March, 2011


This is as colorful as I can be. This is my way of celebrating Holi all by myself.
I am out and out an extrovert. I love to be amongst family and friends. 
Only on Holi do I turn an introvert and be by myself. But I keep the spirit alive by dressing in vibrant colors.
What I am wearing:
Top: Tommy Hilfiger
Skirt: My own creation.


  1. I can recognize elements of this skirt. Suggestion: pair it up with copper or white or mauve toned top.

    BTW: I love this skirt. Mere liye bhi banwa do

  2. I never played Holi in Indian but started playing here in the USA three years back. Is not that strange? We play Holi in June here and real 'village' style holi with water/paint/color. March is too cold for water.

  3. Great pics! Lovely skirt - too nice to spoil with Holi colour.

  4. So pretty and I really love that skirt! The pattern and colors are so vivid! I love it!