16 March, 2011

What is Classy?

First and foremost Richard Gere of Pretty Woman is very classy.

For me following things spell class.

Suave, sophisticated, smart, intelligent, go getter, indulging, pampering, chivalrous, polite, respectful.

Now talking about further qualities.

Punctuality- People who value their time and your time, do not make you wait.

Hygienic- Clean nails, clean feet, clean teeth, using a deodorant, sanitizer, men keeping clean handkerchief, men with polished shoes.

Well spoken- Not outspoken, not brash, not loud, but wise, witty, sensible, aware. Also people who are humble and do not brag.

Class- This is a term to be well understood. I know a person who harped about being classy, saying that she associated with certain class of people. She refused to be friends with another person saying that he is not her class. And the moment she realized that he was a powerful, well connected man, she was ass licking him. (Spelt her class). This same girl, took a dance lesson in my studio from the instructor and left in a rush without paying to the instructor. Now every time, she bumps into the instructor, she tells him, that she has to pay him. Yet, does not pay him. That is her class. Would someone please tell her that owning multiple number of Comme il faut (Tango shoes) is not as important as acquiring the right skill to use those Comme il fauts. She goes to spas, drives a luxurious car. But...class?
And she has done Landmark Forum.  Do I need to say anything further? Bad example.

Well dressed people- Look around, you will see so many people around you, just badly dressed. You do not need to spend a lot of money to be well dressed. I do not mean, designer labels when I say well dressed. Well dressed could be a simple plain cotton sari too like Sonia Gandhi. 


  1. I also believe in well dressed. My Wardrobe never includes designer wears but I try to buy those things that suits and yeah.. alway wear em clean...

  2. Class, yes - like the way you've outlined a few of the things that spell class.
    Wonder who is this woman who is not paying the Tango instructor and acting uppity and not wanting to be friends based on shallow reasons. Sad.

  3. Well we know the previous posts about fashion..so we can talk about women fashion...whatever Kiran wears it becomes classy...everyone copies.