17 March, 2011

Sari or a dress.

Sometime back, I had posted the following sari on my blog. Had also shown, a model showcasing the same one.
I saw the same sari, converted into a dress/gown and worn by Raageshwari (rigt below).
I like it. You like?


  1. Oh, it's beauitful. The back is amazing!!!


  2. i like it much better as a sari

  3. I liked the sari and the the strings that are on your shoulders. I do not know the name though. Photos are a little hazy. Would love see a clear one:)

  4. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so gorgeous and you look heavenly sexy!
    I love this better as a sari and that top is exquisite!

    I would so love to take photographs of you wearing this! Framed against a doorway that has the sun setting behind it.

    Do another shoot wearing this!

  5. nice love the saree..especially the blouse...