26 April, 2011

Aqua aerobics in Indore

Yesterday, I was invited to Indore to conduct a workshop of aqua aerobics for a club of over 100 women. This was such a fun event and group of people I met.
They were so keen to try new fitness regimes.
It was a wonderfully organized workshop.
I covered so aqua aerobics, kickboxing in pool (aqua boxing), Tai Chi in pool (aqua chi), Yoga in water (yoqua), strengthening and stretching exercises in water, partner workout and pool games.
The event was followed by a great, nutritious spread of lunch.
To promote this event with me, the organizers had put huge hoardings, that can even be seen in one of the pictures behind me.
The women of this club enjoyed it so much. They have asked for regular sessions of aqua aerobics in their city.
I must thank the organizers for planning it so well with me and taking care of me and my stay so well.
I enjoyed it as much as the participants.

Ah yes, needless to say, my trip to Indore could not be complete without shopping for Chanderis and Maheshwaris. For one day, I gave the mnmlist in me, some rest and indulged in shopping. 
Indore is even famous for its Namkeens (they are definitely not low cal. But after extensive session of aqua aerobics, I could think of buying those and bringing them back with me.)


  1. I wish I could have attended this session! What fun!

  2. hey this blog has motivated me soooooo much... have started jogging and excercising... yippiieee this couch potato lazy bum is gonna be healthy(wealthy) and wise... :p..

  3. and ya do I follow any steps.. any thing i have to keep in mind before I begin excercise...