23 April, 2011

Beat heat with Gond Katira

Summers are here. Today I want to share a simple, basic, unheard of, unique food that helps to beat the heat in the body. It keeps you cool, helps to get rid of acidity, excessive heat, prickly heat, bleeding nose etc in the summer time. This age old wonder has been told to me by my mom. It is called Gond Katira/Gum Katira Sap. It has high protein, thiamine, folic acid, riboflavin and niacin.

This is how it looks like

You soak this much overnight in water and this is what you get in morning.

I have it as it is. But to make it tastier, you can add little ice cold milk, lassi/buttermilk, yogurt, rooh afza or other sweetener of your choice.


  1. Already summer in India. It is raining here. I took a day off but it has been raining and temperature is around 20C. Will use your tip in July.

  2. Where can I buy it? Never heard of it before and I searched online and found your blog in Google search!

  3. Hie Sailor, you can buy it from any grocery shop easily.

  4. Hie Sailor, you can but it from any grocery shop near you easily.