04 April, 2011

Meeting my college friend

While in my home town, I had to catch up with my college friend. So this is what I wore.
Top: Gift from sister
Wrap Skirt: Zara
Heels: Ferragamo
Location: Parents home.
Photographer: Mom dear.

Introducing my college friend Geetu. She runs her own boutique. This is her workshop. That is where the picture was clicked with my Iphone.
She still has the same charm that she had. We were meeting after few years. But it just did not seem so. We just picked up from where we had left. That is the beauty of meeting your school/college friend. We had so much to talk to. Wish we had more time.

These are our college days pictures. How much have we changed since then?


  1. Really pretty skirt. Love the print!


  2. you look colorful and pretty, the zara skirt looks so good, you two look so cute in the pics

  3. so , you are look gorgeous seductress. smile is an icing on the cake .....

  4. I love meeting up with old friends! And you look absolutely gorgeous, love love love the outfit.

  5. looking coloful, gorgeous and cute. Always smiling and enjoying life.