03 April, 2011

Road trip from Delhi to Jalandhar

I must admit that I quite not like Indian Railways. They are dirty (unhygienic), seldom on time, unreliable, bad crowd, serve stale and bad food and have uncomfortable seating. There is Shatabdi which is considered best for going from Delhi to Jalandhar. It is considered to be fast, is fully AC, etc etc and yet, I do not like it.
Now here, I must also say that I consider myself to be a very good and safe driver. Hence, the obvious choice. Whenever, I have to go to my hometown Jalandhar, I always choose to drive down. It is a enjoyable drive. And takes me five hours to reach there. I can stop where I want and I can start from home when I choose to. It is very convenient and I am so independent.
Now, on the way, there are 4 joints called Havelli. These are like sophisticated Dhabas (roadside eating joints). They offer variety of food, which are neat, clean and extremely economical. A meal for two will not be more than Rs. 300/-. They have ethnic decor that you see in the pictures below. Sometimes they also have folk dance performances of Bhangra (dance of Punjab).
You get to experience Punjab- its food, its culture and old traditions here. The place is very lively and lot of fun.
These are few of my pictures on my way to Punjab. I must mention, that on such a road trip, it is prudent to wear, loose, comfortable clothes.
What I wore
Dhoti Salwar: Bought from Puducherry
Top: Wills
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Heels: Ferragamo


  1. nice pics
    agree with you about railways

  2. Nice the pics look..Incidentaly a lot of traveling of late ,looks like

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  4. glad to hear from u in ur blog. My brav son maa is proud of u.

  5. Though trains are not clean, I love Indian trains.

    We stop at Haveli on Delhi-Chandigarh travel. It is nice spot. I have similar pictures actually.