04 August, 2011

Buy Chanderi Sari

Couple of days back, I had put this post. The response was such tremendous that I do not have a single piece left now. Each piece is sold off. In fact, for few, I had multiple orders, that are now getting made.

Encouraged by such fabulous response I am putting pictures of new stock of Chanderi Saris.
Each piece is Rs. 10,500/-

To buy
Email at

1. Black Chanderi-Bottom part is the body and top part is the palla

2. Maroon Chanderi

3. Light Dust pink Chanderi

4. Cream and gold Chanderi

5. Orange Chanderi

6. Onion Pink Chanderi

7. It is actually Gold color. In picture it looks grey. It is light dust gold.

9. Cream and Gold Chanderi

10. Carrot red Chanderi

11. Onion pink Chanderi

12. Another Gold chanderi. It is not beige, not grey but gold on gold.

13. Peach Chanderi. Right side is the palla.

14. Rust Chanderi

15. Pink Chanderi. Right side is palla and left is body.

16. Beige and Gold Chanderi. Above is Palla and below picture is its body.

17. Black Chanderi. Right side is palla. and left is body.

18. Rust Chanderi

19. Red Chanderi

20. Deep Pink Chanderi

21. Cream and gold chanderi. Left side is palla and the body is with booti.

22. Black Chanderi.