02 August, 2011

Chanderi Saris for sale.

Firstly, Thank you folks for staying with me, even after I have closed the comments.
Your emails are pouring in. I truly value those and as you must have noticed, I personally reply to each one of you. The blog stats have gone up. The visitors per day have gone up too. And there are genuine inquiries from people wanting to buy what they like.

My email is

Many of you have wanted to buy Chanderi Saris from me. If you  too want to shop for Chanderi Saris, you can contact me on my email id above.

Instead of replying to you separately, I am putting up a blog post with pictures and brief description.

All the Saris below are Chaderis, brand new, price range between Rs.10,000/- to Rs. 12,000/-

Since I am madly in love with Chanderis myself, I have similar pieces for myself as well. But the ones below are brand new. I am not putting up my own stuff for sale (I cannot part with my collection).
But whenever, any new Chanderi is made, I get a piece for myself too.

I have recently also done few customized orders, where people gave their own specifications of colors and designs and asked for lot of pure zari work.. (I was strictly told not to put their pictures anywhere, nor replicate those pieces. They were very exclusive.) Pure Zari is very expensive. It is a pure silver thread coated with gold. Those Saris are made only on order and woven by special weavers. They cost above Rs. 1,00,000/-. Each Sari takes more 3-4 months to be woven. People with extremely refined tastes, certainly want them as part of their wardrobe/ trousseau collection.

Gold tissue Chanderi. Below is its palla. It is a true subtle gold color and not beige.

White body, red and gold Palla and border

Beige Sari. It has small dots as body and big dots as palla.

Plain yellow body and multicolor palla. See mine here.

Ashes of rose color. Left side is body and right side is thread work palla.

Silver grey sari. I have worn same sari here.

Silver grey Sari. Left side is palla.

Both left and right side is palla. Below is the body.

Right side is body

Left side is palla and right is the body. I have worn similar sari here. and here.