25 October, 2011

Disgusting habits of men

Here is a compilation of list of disgusting habits of men. I have been able to compile this list based on my girl friend's feedbacks.
Disclaimer: None of the points stated below apply to men in my life. Specially my husband. But towards the end, I will state what actually applies to me.

1. Men fart
2. Men snore
3. Men burp out too loud
4. Men pick their noses
5. Men do not know how to pee. They spray all around the pot. Then they do not flush. Then they conveniently forget to put the seat cover.
6. Men do not make their bed after getting up.
7. Men create a lot of mess all around the house and expect women to clean it up.
8. Men want their women to dress up according to their sensibilities.
9. Men dominate and boss around.
10. Men want women to be answerable to them all the time as to where they are and when would they be back home.
11. Men want women to raise their children and do not help much in that. Specially when little babies wake up at night, changing diapers, etc.
12. Men do not help much in the housework like cleaning, cooking, washing, doing dishes, etc. they think it is a women's job.
13. Men think they know it all and women do not.
14. Men think that they are better drivers and not women.
15. Men are insensitive.
16. Men want to watch their TV channels and would not let women see what they want to see.
17. Men take far less care of their appearance, health and fitness than women.

As I said, thankfully my man has none of the above bad habits. But is he perfect? NO...nobody is perfect. So what is his most irritating habit. Yes, he too has few and here they are.

1. He does not like to switch off lights, fans or TV, despite constant reminders. Someone (I) have to do it for him all the time.
2. We have hugely different body temperatures and endurances. While he loves winters and snow and cold breezes, I love my sunshine. So, while he wants his AC on (even during winters), I can't endure fan too, sometimes. He wants to drive with window rolled down in winters to enjoy the cold breeze, I am freezing and want to switch on the heater. We FIGHT over that. Of course, I win.