24 October, 2011

Dhanteras AOL meet cancelled

Today is Dhanteras.
I got a message/sms from a friend, which read, "Guruji is in Delhi on Monday-24. Kuber and Dhanvantri Puja Diwali Utsav with HIM @ 6.30 PM, DDA Park, opp sector3, RK Puram, near DLTA. Happy Diwali.
I was quite excited about it. I told few of my friends and we all planned to be there. I cancelled work appointments, dressed up, endured Diwali traffic on the road, found the location (The location mentioned in the sms was also wrong. They could have just said- opposite IIT. It would have made things simpler. We were searching in RK Puram). Only to reach the venue and a simple board saying that the event has been cancelled.
I called up this person who had smsed. Obviously, she did not bother to pick her phone. I left her an sms saying, "at least you could/should have smsed to tell the event was cancelled."
Guruji is apparently staying at her place. All these people start thinking that Guruji is their property.
She is an AOL teacher. She could not inform people that the event was cancelled. It is.....well.... I do not even have to complete the sentence. I hope this is read by AOL organizers. If you are canceling an event, make sure to inform the people who have been invited.