24 October, 2011

Make Up Faux Pas

Here is my list of top 7 make up faux pas

1. Smudged lipstick on teeth.

2. So much blusher on your face which makes you look like clown or as if someone just slapped you.

3. Foundation/Compact much lighter than your own skin tone. Patchy/smudgy foundation. Or a color where face and neck are not done equally. Sometimes it makes you look as if you fell face down in a tub of baby powder.

4. Chipped Nail paint

5. Skinny Eyebrows.

Skinny brows are so 80's. Go for strong, thick brows instead. It will make your entire look younger, whereas skinny brows add a couple decades of age onto your face. Why? cuz babies don't shave their brows, that's why. Be really careful with plucking or trimming your brows, look for someone who's an expert in this field, because perfect brows could really help framing your entire face, and different shapes of brows give out different types of impression.

6. Too big fake eyelashes.

Leave these for stage shows. They never ever look natural. Invest in a good mascara instead.

7. Unplucked Eyebrows or plucked so bad that you have to use eye brow pencil all over or get it tattooed.