08 November, 2011

Fashion in Tokyo

It was my second trip to Tokyo. While I love the city, the people, the culture and its traditions, the developed public transport system, the safe environment for tourist/women, a problem I have is with their fashion and following a particular fashion trend/color.

This time, for some good reason(which I do not know), the whole of Tokyo- and I seriously mean The WHOLE- men, women, old young (even babies) were dressed in BLACK. If at all, I saw any other color than black, it was white or else beige.

Was it a fashion trend, winter trend, were they ALL still in mourning after the earthquake? Like I said, I do not know the reason. But Black is what I saw and I came color starved. I was yearning to see some colors- Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, my favorite fuchsia would be asking for too much from them. It is one thing for men to be attired in black office suits. But women too were dressed only in black. Color actually felt like oxygen to me and I wanted to breathe some color.

The dose of some color I got was only in my Milongas, where women came wearing beautiful attires. But guess what. They came in Blacks and brought their changes along (sometimes even small suitcases) and everyone changed at the venue and had their lockers. Was any other color banned? I am so curious to know. Honest appeal to all Japanese. Please bring back some color to your life. You look beautiful and radiant in your colorful kimonos and dainty dresses. Get over Black. And more than that, stop following one fashion/color trend. Be more individualist. Have your own attitude. Stop following the rat race and becoming part of the herd. Stop looking all alike. If you need inspiration, take it from Indian women. Check this blog post.
Experiment a bit more.
Stop being conformist

See even children in black.

How sad are they all.