08 November, 2011

Tokyo International Tango Festival

I have been missing from the blog scene and I know so many of you have been missing me. Thanks for your lovely emails.

Well! I will keep it short and simple. I was in Tokyo attending Tokyo Tango International festival and learning from the maestros and Tango world champions.

There are so many pictures and videos to share but those will follow later. As of now, just few of my pictures with the grand masters.

This was at the opening night- The grand milonga at Seavans Hall, Hamamatsu-Cho. There was a live band and Tango enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

With Hiroshi and Kyoko- the World Salon Tango champions in 2009 as you know.
They danced from 2003. The first foreigner's champion of the world salon tango championship.

With Sebastian

After finishing a class with Hiroshi and Kyoko about how to move with deep embrace. It was an awesome class. Just opened new doors of Tango for me. I became so much more lighter.

After a class of Vals musicality

Roxana & Sebastian- another World Tango champions. They are one of the best couple who danced from 1997.
Their dance is an expression of tango’s ultimate beauty and elegance.

Carlos and Rosa Perez are dancers who have maintained the style of the traditional tango rooted from the 50's. They have been teaching at the Club Sunderland and the teachers of the world Champions.