09 November, 2011

Hama- Rikyu Garden, Tokyo

One morning in Tokyo, for my exercise, I decided to go for a walk in a very famous garden there which was behind my hotel. It is called Hama- Rikyu. It is famous because it remains much the way it was designed over 350 years since it was created. It is a family garden of Tokugawa Shogun. The garden complex is centered around Shioiri-no-ike (a pond filled with seawater). It is also famous for its use by Imperial family as a reception area.

I am wearing
Dress: Esprit
Jacket: Derhy
Bag: Cleo and Patek
Scarf: from husband's export line
Ballerinas: Clarks

Also seen hanging in my neck is garden's guide smart device, which is available rent free. It guides you through your 90 minute walk, explains in detail, each place, does not let you get lost in a complicated track, tells about garden's history since Edo period, gives automatic audio- visual interpretation about the places of interest. Its computer automatically recognizes a Ucode, the only in the world identification code put on an object or a place. It guides you throughout the garden and tells you about major highlights of the garden centering on the Shiori-no-ike.
When you arive at a spot, sn explanatory movie starts automatically and then a information about the spot is displayed.

There are27 spots to be covered in the garden. We start from Otemon gate.

There are three teahouses by the pond- Matsu-no-ochaya teahouse, Taka-no-ochaya teahouse, Tsubame- no Ochaya teahouse.

This is old Inabu Shinto shrine

This is a 300 year old pine tree, restored by special Japanese techniques.