09 November, 2011

Grand opening Milonga

This was the opening ceremony and Grand Milonga of Tokyo international Tango festival, at Seavans Halls, Hamamatsu- Cho.

They started it by lighting a lamps and talking about the recent earthquake in Japan. There was a special performance dedicated to the same.

These were the emcees of the show.

I loved the way people dressed up for the Milonga. You could see beautiful dresses and heels on the floor. If Japanese people disappointed me with their fashion in daily life (I have written a post about it here), fashion in milongas totally compensated for it. This fashion was to die for. Each person was dressed better than the other. Something I could not take my eyes off from. This is where, our Delhi Milongas are not up to the mark. (Can't believe, for the first time, I am saying anything negative about Delhi- Naah, but my Delhi is still awesome).

Each of us were designated special tables. Mine was table no 7.

The grand masters were introduced and they all even did a performance each.