26 November, 2011

Insecure people

Some people are just so insecure and lame. They want to bask in all the limelight at your cost without having/demonstrating any real talent. They would rather even gobble up any appreciation that is coming your way. They would avoid any direct competition with you. They would like to run the race alone.

Dancing community is full of insecure, untalented people who talk more about dance and dance less. They plainly tell you how many videos have they watched. As if watching videos will make them great dancers. They would not attend a single workshop, festival, class, anything overseas and proudly say that they learn from the videos of great teachers. As if, it is the same.

Recently, I have been confronted with the most insecure person. There was an event organized in Delhi. I have put my pictures (which I always do- since I am so self obsessed) on my blog and on face book. What was the objection raised by this person? Hey, Kiran did not give any credit to me or the event.

Was I supposed to? Did you pay me for it? Have I ever, in my life, taken orders from anyone? It is my blog and my facebook. It takes orders from nobody, but my heart.

This person performed hilariously and became a laughing stock. It was a bad performance that the crowd witnessed and yet this person cribbed that Kiran did not put any of my picture.

Kiran can differentiate between bad dancing and good dancing. She has not just been to international festivals, taken workshops and privates from world champions but has herself scored positions internationally.

This blog has over 50,000 Page views per month.
Over 700 google friend connect followers.
900 followers on networked blogs.
Regular Twitter followers, Bloglovin followers, RSS feed subscribers and youtube subscribers.
This blog and Kiran are constantly in the media all over.

It has a readership. And it is not meant to boost egos of insecure, self claimed dancers. It is not meant to give any undeserving credits.

I do not know how to react. Should I be angry at the demand? Amused at the childish behavior? Surprised at the audacity? Or just dump it? Thinking.....