27 November, 2011

Kashmiri Needle work Sari

Sunday morning I had to attend a Havan.

Havan, Yajna or Homa is one of the most ancient, spiritual and religious practices in India. However, there is a special meaning to Havan which one must understand to get the true effect of performing a Havan. A Havan is an offering to God. The prayers are offered along with chanting of Mantras.

The Havan also implies a deep meaning, which is, as the twigs and the ghee burns, the Havan reminds us that life is temporary and we will all end just like the wood ends in the Havan. Therefore, before our life is over or before the journey of life ends, we must add meaning to our lives and live purposefully.

For you, to truly understand the meaning of Havan and to get the essence of it, it is best to do the Havan as an offering to God. Offer the twigs and ghee as if you are offering all that you have in your life to Him, to one who has given you this life.

This is what I wore.

Kashmiri embroidered Sarees, specially the one done with needlework spell elegance. You can never go wrong with them. Be it any occasion. I have many of them in my collection. This is one embroidered form of Sari that I like.