11 December, 2011

Cafe Diva Review

Cafe Diva is a small restaurant in N Block Market Greater Kailash-1. It is on the first floor.
Presently, it is always jam packed and enjoys being many people's favorite.
I have hung out there so many times in the past.
But, personally here is an honest review.
This place is heading to its doom very soon. I give it maximum two years from now, before it closes.
Reason- High headed attitude. Whenever, I have gone there, despite prior booking, I have had to wait for more than an hour. They have even cancelled the booking at the last minute, when I have sent the invite to a group of more than 10 people. So I have had to change the venue at the last minute. Besides, they told me that they could not accommodate more than 8 people on a table.They are the only restaurant in Delhi, who interfere and refrain any money transaction being done on the table and have such strange rules of their own. Bad experience. Once, when I was there, they even started some maintenance work while other people were also there. Music was shut down, we could hear hammers, grinding and the place was filled with smoke. We had to leave immediately.
I fail to understand the reason of its popularity. No great food, nor a great ambiance, yet a very pricey attitude. There are much better places to go, right in its neighborhood. Le Cafe by Ravi Bajaj, Shalom, Urban Pind. Why would anyone want to go to Cafe Diva?

Mind you, do not even underestimate the power of blogging. Two years back, I had written similar reviews about Manre and Tabula Rasa on Delhi Burrp. Today both the places are shut down and non existent.