11 December, 2011


There is a S word.
If a man sleeps with 20 women, he is considered a STUD.
If a women sleeps with 20 men, she is considered a SLUT. 

Yesterday, I heard one woman talking about other and calling her "Nymphomaniac". 

As, I have said earlier, I am very non judgemental about everyone and everything, so long as they do not affect me personally. But this comment of one woman about the other woman got me thinking. 

How does one describe a woman "Nymphomaniac"? What are the parameters that describe and define it. Maybe her normal sex drive is being over rated. Who decides and demarcates what is normal and what is abnormal? Because, if the same woman shows no sex drive, she might be termed "frigid". Why is it that only women have to tread so cautiously or else they are at the risk of being labeled one way or the other by men and women both. Why is it that women have to be on guard always and can never let their hair down? Why are "grace, poise, dignity"..bla bla bla..associated only with women? Probably to tame them down.

Do not get me wrong anywhere. I am not propagating that it is cool for women to sleep with 20 men. All I am saying is-Stop labeling women. Let them be. Each woman knows intelligently and instinctively what is right and wrong for her, in her situation. She knows her limits and boundaries. Stop setting your own parameters for her. It is only the wearer who knows where the shoe pinches. Woman is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, companion and so much more. But before and beyond that, she is a WOMAN. Let her breathe. Stop judging her.