16 December, 2011

Why I blog?

I have written one blog post here earlier. Do refer to the link.
This is about similar situation.
These days people come forth and ask me questions like, "Why do you blog"? "How does it help you"? (Obviously they mean financially). "How much does it pay you?" Because success of the blog is somehow deemed to be directly proportionate to the income it generates. But bloggers know that there is so much more to it.
Very personal and silly questions. Again I am at loss of words to explain them the details. And why should I?
Bloggers can relate to facing similar questions/situations/people. Specially the serious bloggers and whose blogs are very popular. But fellow bloggers, if you can email me some witty answers to such questions, it would seriously help.
My email id, as I keep announcing, is

* In 12-15 hours of posting this, I got 53 emails of people suggesting me the answers. I thank each one of you for suggesting me the brilliant answers. 
One answer that I would like to put here is from  a dear friend. She says, " How's this for an answer to the "Why do you blog?" question - tell whoever is asking you, in all seriousness but with a hint of sarcasm thrown in - "It's the only way I can have a conversation with anybody remotely intelligent!"

You guys rock.