15 December, 2011

Unfriend on facebook

Remember the term "Katti" "abba" (people knowing hindi and punjabi would know it). Loosely translated in English, it is very kiddish game demonstrating- we are friends (I am talking to you) vs. we are not friends (I am not talking to you).
I grew above this even when I was in grade 2. I can't remember doing "katti" "abba" beyond grade 1 (age 6-7).
But guess what, some people do not grow up even when they are 40 plus.
What does adding friend, deleting the friend, adding her again, deleting again on facebook mean? I find it as puerile as "katti" "abba".
Hey are you kidding me! I have faced it. Person adding and deleting me on facebook.
My amusement found no boundaries, when even my friend was deleted by this person who had previously deleted me. Wow! so it was "katti" even with a friend of mine.?
My friend called me today to break me this news. Said that "I too am persona non grata with....Have been dropped from the friend list...Shattered!!). We laughed over this for hours calling each other "friendless". Teasing each other what a great loss we had because this person unfriended both of us. (We were actually mocking at this person's juvenile behavior).
Remember as kids, there also used to be this game- "On whose side are you?" "In whose team are you?"
So if you are in Kiran's team/on her side, it is not only "katti" with Kiran, but even with her teammates. (Unfriend on facebook). I am not saying you cannot unfriend anyone on facebook. Sure you can. But you know, that "katti" "abba" or forming teams and sides, is very sophomoric. .
I have actually rolled down laughing over this. On everyday basis I bear this torture of witnessing heights of immaturity in people. Just when I think, there cannot be further immaturity than this, I am proven wrong and people show me more and more and yet more immaturity. Is this the rock bottom? Or is there further more immaturity, yet to be witnessed?

* After reading this post, so many readers emailed me. They asked one common question. 
To sum it up, Navjot asked me, "I can imagine two of you laughing on the phone. By The way what did you do to get that honor?"

I think now I have to explain what I did to deserve the honor. Read the blog post here, to know the details.