20 January, 2012

Just joking

I had written this post some time back. Check it here

I guess it is time to reiterate it.

An ample number of times, people (read insensitive people/Bimbos), say any lame things and try to get away with it as- "I was joking", "mazak kiya tha", "I was pulling your leg". My answer to it is that joke/Mazak, is something on which everyone laughs equally. If even one person, in the whole group, feels bad about what is said, it is no more a joke. It has crossed the line. I call it "badtmeezi" (being rude).

Do not ever accept such situations. If you feel bad, it certainly was not a joke because it did not make you laugh. On the contrary, you felt bad. Voice it out. Do not stay quiet about it, even if it causes symbolic bloodshed. Do not let the other party get away with it, at your expense and even make you feel worse by saying that you do not know how to take jokes in right perspective/in good humour. Because in your viewpoint it was not a good but a pathetic humour targeted at your expense.

Be sensitive to others and be sensitive to your own self. Love of yourself is the highest form of love.