28 January, 2012

Party in Shroom

It was a party in Shroom, Crescent Mall. It was hosted by Riyaaz Amlani, Shiv Karan Singh and Harmeet Bajaj. The party featured DJ Phil Keiran. We danced so much that we burnt the floor and set it on fire. And the DJ played some awesome music for us. Did I do Tango? Of course, I did. 
The weekend and the fun has just begun.

What I wore:
Top to toe
Beret: It has NOW become a favorite piece in my wardrobe. Specially this one. I think it is lucky for me. It is such kick ass : Forever 21, bought in Tokyo.
Dress: Ranna Gill
Faux fur Jacket: Aftershock
Bag: This is the latest gift that my husband got me from Europe. His brand loyalty is with Etro. Specially, because he loves paisley and Etro specializes in that. Love this bag. It is from the latest collection.
Boots: Vanilla Moon. Of course, I did not do tango in these. I had carried my tango shoes to dance in.

I am wearing the same dress earlier in this blog post too. and also here