27 January, 2012

Lunch at Machan

Today was our friend Sonia's Birthday (The one in all black). We decided to take her out for lunch to Machan in Taj Mansingh. But today was also my very busy working day. I could sneak out two hours for this lunch. So could not dress up. For first time, I went ahead in my track  pants only. I had a salad of asparagus and green pea.
I had to finish this lunch and reach for a yoga class. I would not have missed that for anything in the world. So in between, there was no time for changes. Hence, the explanation for track pants. 
Did I enjoy my Yoga class? Oh! it gave me some oxygen to breathe and made me so alive.

Just be in the simple and innocent state of ‘‘I don’t know!’’ This life is a beautiful mystery. Just live it! When we live this mystery of life so totally, then joy dawns.
And the weekend starts now. Let the party begin.

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