24 February, 2012

Gearing up for the Arabian Night

I never give sneak previews of my events. But this one is so special and close to my heart.
We are gearing up for an Arabian night. Today, we girls got together and created the "salle salon lounge" in a "naughty harem".  Another friend is taking care of catering of all Arabian food- falafel, hummus, Baklava, etc etc. I do not even remember the names of some 20 plus Arabian dishes.  
Another one is taking care of mesmerizing Belly dancing...Marhaba. There will be Arabian music, sheesha, candles, Arabian Attar, wines, lots of food, dancing and music. Guests are going to be welcomed in true Arabic style. There will be veils for everyone, giveaways like genie lamps with gold coins (fake ones) in it. There will be a showstopper too. We have an Arab bint girl, to say, "tafadaal saadekhee"(welcome) to everyone. Everyone will be dressed in true Arabian costumes, belly dancing attires etc. Kullu rajal shufay kullu habeetee hormaa (every man will look at the darling ladies). The whole thing seems so exciting.
Wait for the pictures.