24 February, 2012

Save animals. Stop using leather

Leather: Over one billion animals are killed a year for their skins which are tanned and made into leather products. The leather trade makes around half of all profits generated by slaughterhouses and many animals are bred specifically for their skins. In India, cattle are forced to march hundreds of miles without any food or water. Those that tire have tobacco and chilli power rubbed into their e...yes or their tail bones broken. Once they reach their destination they are slaughtered, often being hacked to death or skinned alive. Calfskin leather, used for car seats, sofas etc. comes from the unwanted offspring of dairy cows, slaughtered for their skins at birth. Suede is made using the underside of an animals skin. There are many cruelty-free alternatives to wearing animal skin. Synthetic leather, known as "pleather" is gaining popularity and is widely available, plus there are shoes and boots these days which are made from a Microfibre material which is 'breathable' like leather.