11 February, 2012


Question: How do you know a mistake is a mistake?

Sri Sri: A mistake is something that gives you a pinch. If it hasn't pinched you, it is not a mistake at all. It is the pinch that irks the consciousness and that pinch disallows the mistake to be repeated. Be with the pinch and not the guilt. It is a very fine balance.

Question: Please forgive me if I have committed a mistake.

Sri Sri: Why should you be forgiven? You are asking for forgiveness because you feel a pinch and you want to be free from it, isn't it? Let the pinch be there. The pinch will not let the mistake happen again. Forgiveness removes the pinch and you keep repeating the mistake!

Naturalness is the antidote to ego."
- Sri Sri

Offering is a sign of surrender. We offer when there is surrender - we write a poem, we offer a flower, we do something. We offer our breath - offering the very life, the very breath, is Divine Love."
- Sri Sri