10 February, 2012

Sri Sri answers

Deep meditation is like being nothing and being nobody....' Sri Sri

Q; What is the difference between feelings and intuitions?
Sri Sri: Intuitions are very deep feelings....

Q; I respect you a lot. Why are you reducing the quality to increase the quantity?

Sri Sri: It is not about quality or quantity. It is not about business. This knowledge needs to reach every corner.
When I was in Shimoga, people said do not go to Bangalore. People who want to come, will come. I told them, that when Ram Krishna Paramahans was alive, he could reach very few people.

I have scattered the seeds, the ones that sprout, will sprout.

Krishna has said that few people will come on the spiritual path and from those very few people will reach me. A capable person will understand this. others also need this.
some people ask why should you give this knowledge to prisoners!

A knowledgeable person thinks about humanness not about quality or quantity.