09 March, 2012

Irene Iwanytzkyj

Irene Iwanytzkyj is a one man (no, woman) solution for anything you need in Buenos Aires. She is a Spanish to English translator, she can tell you about the places to stay, to eat, to shop, to dance tango, if you are interested in art, soccer, polo, barbeques, if you need to be picked up from the airport, if you need any assistance in Buenos Aires, spanish courses, anything and everything. Irene offers customized assistance services for foreigners in Argentina. I highly recommend her. 
Her website address is- www.buenosairesintouch.com.ar
and her email is- info@buenosairesintouch.com.ar
Her phone number is- (011) 1544191557
worldwide- +5491144191557
Here I am seen with Irene and her son Sasha.
Irene is very warm, friendly, professional, reliable and reasonable. She will get you the best possible deal in anything you want. Better than what you will get yourself.