09 March, 2012

Observations about Buenos Aires

1. People in Buenos Aires are unpunctual. I think I am the only one who respects time to the core. I should have been a Japanese.

2. I am told that buses in Buenos Aires can run you down. As bad as Delhi. Hmm!!

3. I observed litter and cow dung on the roads.

4. The cab guys here also tamper with their meters and try to fleece you if they know that you are a foreigner.

5. Argentina is full of leather shops- leather bags, suitcases, shoes, jackets, capes, rugs, dresses, you name it and they have everything in leather. The whole place smells of hide. Here, people proudly say that they have too many cows and they eat and slaughter cows. They were surprised to know that we Indians, worship cows and would never eat a cow meat. I am disgusted to see so much display of leather. Recently, I have taken a pledge never to buy anything made of leather. Hence, no matter how beautiful, gorgeous and cheap leather goods, I am seeing, I am not buying anything in leather. Not even entering the shops that sell leather. These skins belonged to those animals. We are not supposed to use them for our fashion.